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Use B & D Brick Cleaning Service for High Pressure Cleaning in Sydney

B & D Cleaning Service is your number one service for pressure cleaning in Sydney, operating all around NSW. Since 1975, we have been providing safe, efficient solutions for pressure cleaning in Sydney for businesses and individuals alike. Our approach is simple- you call us, and we go to your site to determine the extent of your needs. Then we get your brick, concrete, or almost any other surface to look brand-new through a personalised approach that involves hard work and friendly service. No project is too big or too small for B & D, and we look forward to answering any questions that you may have about pressure cleaning in Sydney. Whether you need acid brick cleaning in Newcastle or concrete cleaning in Sydney, we are your go-to brick and concrete cleaners in Sydney and throughout NSW.
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High Pressure Cleaners Sydney

Our primary goal is to get your surface looking as good as new with high pressure cleaning in Sydney. Oftentimes, construction projects will leave surfaces with a dusty, dirty top layer that is almost impossible to clean through conventional methods. Because of this, it is best to call for our high pressure cleaning in Sydney services at the end of any project that you have. First of all, this pressure cleaning in Sydney will ensure that the surface doesn’t get dirty again after we clean it. Secondly, we don’t want our equipment or personnel to get in your way while we are working. The surface and the area around it must stay completely free of people or clutter in order to ensure that nothing or no one is injured when doing pressure cleaning in Sydney.

B & D Acid Brick Cleaning in Sydney

The most effective way to get a brick wall looking great is to use acid brick cleaning. Acid brick cleaning requires a special kind of acid that must be mixed properly, or else your wall could be damaged. This is why it is important to leave acid brick cleaning to the professionals. B & D has over 35 years of experience when it comes to acid brick cleaning in Sydney, so we know what to do and how to do it right.

We Also Offer Graffiti Removal in Sydney

Graffiti, while sometimes beautiful and artistic, is most often a frustrating nuisance. Nothing will turn customers away faster than a big, ugly spray painted mural on the wall of your business. Some people try to take care of graffiti removal in Sydney themselves, but this is not recommended. Using the wrong chemicals or mixtures for graffiti removal in Sydney can actually ruin your wall, so it is important to have B & D take care of all graffiti removal in Sydney. We have the experience necessary when it comes to graffiti removal in Sydney- figuring out the type of paint used, how long the paint has been there, and what kind of wall you have. Knowing all of these factors means that safe and effective graffiti removal in Sydney will be relatively simple.

Why Invest in Pressure Cleaning Sydney Based Services

There is a lot of incentive to use our service of high pressure cleaning in Sydney, whether you are a business or individual. If you are a business, you don’t want the outside of your building to look dirty and unprofessional. A regular visit from our brick cleaners in Sydney will get your building to shine, making it look more inviting for potential customers. No one wants to enter a business in which the owners don’t take care of the exterior of their building, so it is easy to see why pressure cleaning in Sydney is important for businesses. If you are an individual, using our pressure cleaners in Sydney is an absolute must before attempting to sell your home. Every little aesthetic detail counts, and we can get your house looking the way it did when it was brand new. So call or use our online services to get a quote on pressure cleaning in Sydney today.


At B & D Cleaning we have a variety of different cleaning options available

Our cleaners offer the following specialised services throughout Sydney

  • Acid Pressure Cleaning : Specialist acid cleaning for new residential, commercial and industrial developments.
  • High pressure cleaning : cleaning with high pressure water, on a variety of surfaces.
  • Concrete cleaning : removal of stains and dirt from a variety of masonry surfaces.
  • Graffiti removal : removal of graffiti from a variety of surfaces.
  • Window Cleaning : Pure Water Window Cleaning Pure water cleaning saves up to 50% compared to abseil or EWP access
  • Algae, mould, mildew, moss removal

Our Strategy and Objectives

At B & D Cleaning we start with a clear strategy and objective. Our professional cleaners will take your project requirements, complete a site survey and analysis and deliver a cleaning solution, with the primary goal being safety throughout the entire work zone.

No project is too small or too large for B & D Cleaning, as we have been in the industry for over 30 years. Any challenges you have we can find a cleaning solution for you, with minimal fuss by our experienced and professional staff at hand at all times.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on building long-term partnerships with both contractors and authorities alike.  Contact us today...

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At B & D Cleaning we guarantee a first class and professional service, giving you the confidence to know a project is completed with the highest standard and quality assurance.

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